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At ODC, we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of Offshore Blockchain Development Services, offering a dedicated team of highly qualified Blockchain Developers with a proven track record.
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Blockchain development and consulting

ODC offers its clients highly qualified engineers and analysts for modern blockchain app development. Our engineers and solutions architects use cutting-edge blockchain technologies to deliver robust blockchain solutions, such as decentralized exchanges, wallets, IDO launchpads, DeFi protocol, and smart contracts.

Blockchain developers we offer

You can hire remote individual developers or teams. Also, you can hire us to deliver your smart contract app.
  • Solidity developers

    We design, develop, test, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Learn more >
  • dApp developers

    Decentralized applications development that provide decentralized, trustless, and secure functionality.
  • Blockchain Architect

    A blockchain architect is responsible for designing the architecture of a blockchain platform, including the consensus mechanism, network topology, and data storage.
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Developer

    A blockchain infrastructure developer is responsible for building and maintaining the blockchain infrastructure, such as nodes, networks, and consensus mechanisms.

Blockchain development services

We offer remote blockchain developers in our offshore development centers

Blockchain Consulting

We provide technologically superior blockchain consultancy to deliver and integrate your product on any platform or network.

NFT Development

This blockchain technology won the market. Get the chance to monetize blockchain software development by introducing your NFT marketplace project.

Decentralized Apps

Our blockchain developers can create any DecentralizedApp for your business from scratch or take over a dApp solution developed by another vendor.

Blockchain Games

If you have an idea for a unique gaming product, we will suffice it for you! Custom blockchain app development to enter the P2E market with confidence.

Smart Contracts

Our team can develop customized smart contracts for your new project according to the technical specifications and project purpose.

Decentralized Finance

Our engineers and architects will deliver custom blockchain DeFi solutions for SMEs and Startups. Win your place in the growing market.

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Why Choose ODC

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
track record

Proven Track Record

Benefit from our team's extensive experience and a track record of successful Blockchain implementations for clients across various industries.
tech stack

Modern Development Tools and Technologies

Our Blockchain Developers are well-versed in the latest software development tools and technologies, ensuring that your project remains at the forefront of innovation.

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, from code quality to project management, to ensure the success of your Blockchain project.
Clients Testimonials
  • Sarah Lewin
    Project manager, Web Agency from Austin
    ODC played a pivotal role in elevating our web projects. Their developers' expertise and dedication were invaluable. Not only did they seamlessly integrate with our in-house team, but their proactive approach in suggesting innovative solutions significantly improved the overall project outcomes. ODC's commitment to quality and timeliness makes them our go-to partner for all future endeavors.
  • Samuel Willson
    Creative director in Mobile App Development Agency from New York
    Partnering with ODC was a game-changer for our mobile app projects. The depth of technical knowledge and professionalism displayed by ODC's developers surpassed our expectations. Their ability to adapt to evolving project requirements and their proactive communication style streamlined the development process. ODC is not just a service provider; they are a true collaborator in our success.
  • Alex Larkins
    Founder of Logistics Company from Delaware
    ODC developers seamlessly integrated with our team, delivering a robust ERP system that transformed our operations. Their in-depth understanding of our industry and business processes made the collaboration smooth and efficient. ODC's commitment to delivering not just a product but a solution that addresses our unique challenges sets them apart. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ODC for future initiatives.

Our Key Offerings

At ODC, we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of Offshore Blockchain Development Services
  • Offshore Blockchain Developers

    Leverage the expertise of our seasoned Offshore Blockchain Developers who bring a wealth of experience in creating robust and scalable Blockchain solutions. Our team is adept at navigating the complexities of blockchain development to ensure your project's success.
  • Offshore Blockchain Development Services

    Explore a comprehensive suite of Offshore Blockchain Development Services designed to address the unique needs of your business. From initial ideation to final deployment, our services cover the entire spectrum of blockchain development.
  • Dedicated Blockchain Developers

    Secure a dedicated team of Blockchain Developers exclusively focused on your project. Benefit from a personalized approach, seamless communication, and a shared commitment to achieving your project goals within specified timelines.
  • Hire Blockchain Developers

    Simplify your hiring process by choosing from our pool of talented Blockchain Developers. We streamline the recruitment process to ensure you get the right fit for your project, saving you time and resources.
  • Hire Blockchain Programmer

    Tap into the skills of our proficient Blockchain Programmers who excel in coding, testing, and deploying blockchain solutions. Whether you need smart contract development, decentralized application (DApp) creation, or blockchain integration, our programmers are up to the task.
  • Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developer

    Elevate your project with a Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developer model. Enjoy the benefits of having a committed professional working exclusively on your project, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to drive success.

Hiring process of Offshore Blockchain Developers

Hiring Offshore Blockchain Developers at ODC is a streamlined and efficient process. Simply follow these steps:
Project Consultation
Begin with a project consultation where we discuss your specific requirements, goals, and the scope of your project. This initial discussion helps us understand your needs comprehensively.
Skill Matching
Based on your project requirements, we carefully select Blockchain Developers from our pool of talent, ensuring their skills align perfectly with the needs of your project.
Interview and Selection
You have the opportunity to interview and assess the shortlisted candidates. This step allows you to evaluate their technical expertise, communication skills, and overall fit for your project.
Onboarding and Collaboration
Once you've selected your dedicated team, we handle the onboarding process swiftly. Our team seamlessly integrates with your workflows, ensuring a collaborative and productive development environment.
Project Kickoff
With your dedicated Offshore Blockchain Developers on board, we initiate the project kickoff, ensuring clear communication channels and transparent project management throughout the development lifecycle.

Remote Blockchain Developers at ODC

Demand for blockchain engineers in North America exceeds supply by over 500% - driving extreme talent scarcity and soaring salaries.

In this climate, collaborating with specialized offshore blockchain development teams unlocks game-changing advantages for companies racing to deploy blockchain-based solutions and crypto-platforms.

By tapping ODC, projects can onboard developers with 5+ years production experience building enterprise Dapps, smart contracts, tokenization solutions and expertise optimizing transactions via Layer 2 technologies. This degree of specialized blockchain talent remains hard to source, attract and retain affordably within domestic US talent markets.


Do you have any questions? Find answers below!

Why Should I Outsource My Blockchain Project?

Hiring an in-house team for your blockchain project may be time-consuming and costly unless you have a series of projects extending for several years to come. Thus, working with an outsourcing blockchain developer will be a more flexible and affordable way to bring your project to the world. With our blockchain experts, you get access to engineers with various tech stacks. This allows you to cover your full range of tech needs.

What Blockchain Technologies Does HMD Use?

We work and constantly learn new blockchain technologies. Passion to learn allows us to be on the front line of trends. Our blockchain developers and architects strive to raise their professional level. Among our tech stack are: Ethereum, TRON, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Substrate, Avalanche, Celo, Cardano, Solana, Polygon, NEAR, Tezos.

What Is Blockchain Development Process?

Every complex project we begin with the Discovery Phase where we carefully study the project requirement and assess technologies to use. Our solutions architect and business analyst will work closely with your team to document the scope of work and propose a tailored approach.

Can I Hire A Dedicated Blockchain developer?

In each particular case, we advise our clients on a different type of engagement. Our team assesses your particular needs according to your requirements and deadlines. We provide you with a balanced dedicated team of Blockchain developers enough to be on track with your milestones.

What Is A Statement Of Work Document?

A statement of Work in software development is a business document that covers the scope and terms according to which an outsourcing company will deliver your software. It is usually prepared by a system analyst and solutions architect and describes the methodology, objectives, deadlines, payment, responsibilities, and requirements for the software product.

What sets ODC's Offshore Blockchain Development Services apart from other providers?

At ODC, our Offshore Blockchain Development Services stand out due to our unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record of successful project implementations. We offer a dedicated team of highly qualified Blockchain Developers with in-depth expertise in modern development tools and technologies. Our client-centric approach ensures seamless communication, personalized solutions, and a keen focus on delivering results within specified timelines.

Other Services

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