Offshore Development Center in Ukraine

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Benefits of building an Offshore Development Centre
in Ukraine

One of the best value vs cost offer in Eastern Europe

Skilled Workforce

Ukraine has a large pool of highly skilled and experienced software developers and IT professionals.

Competitive Costs

Compared to many other European countries, Ukraine offers relatively low costs for IT services, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to reduce costs.

Favorable business environment

Ukraine has a favorable business environment and a recovering political situation, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment.

Government Support

The government recognizes the significant potential of the IT industry to drive economic growth and has implemented various initiatives and programs to support the development of the sector.

Good Infrastructure

Ukraine has a well-developed infrastructure, including a strong telecommunications network, which is essential for running a successful offshore development center.

Pool of talents

As of the 2021 report, Ukraine has a large pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, with an estimated IT workforce of over 170,000 people.

Advantages of working with ODC

Setup an Offshore Development Center in Ukraine
  • No recruiting fees

    You do not pay commissions for the recruitment and management
  • No salary taxes

    You do not pay social security tax and other taxes for our remote developers
  • No operational costs

    You do not pay for extra facilities and utilities when you hire our remote developers

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Hire qualified developers in Ukraine

Set up an Offshore Development Centre in Ukraine with highly-qualified developers
  • Backend developers

    Offshore backend developers with Java,, C#, Python, PHP, SQL, and Node technology background
  • Frontend developers

    Offshore frontend developers with Angular, JavaScript, React, Vue, TypeScript, HTML, CSS technology background
  • Mobile developers

    Offshore mobile developers with Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter, PWA technology background
  • UI & UX designers

    Offshore UI and UX designers with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision technology background
  • Blockchain & Solidity developers

    Offshore blockchain developer and Rust / Solidity developer with good command of coding and Agile methodologies that can quickly take your project from the ground up.
  • Data Engineers and Data Scientists

    Professional developers with hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. Hire data engineers and data scientists in Ukraine.

How to hire developers in Ukraine

Building an offshore development center in Ukraine
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Frequently asked questions

Please reach out to us if you cannot find an answer to your question.
  • Question:
    Are there ties between the US and Ukraine?
    The United States and Ukraine have a long history of diplomatic relations, dating back to the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1991, following Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union.
    Over the years, the relationship between the two countries has evolved and has been shaped by a number of key events, including the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and Russian aggression in the region. Despite these challenges, the United States and Ukraine have maintained strong diplomatic and economic ties, with the United States providing support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
    The United States and Ukraine have a number of shared interests, including promoting democracy and human rights, supporting economic reform and growth, and enhancing energy security. The two countries also cooperate closely on security and defense issues, with the United States providing military and security assistance to Ukraine.
    Overall, the relationship between the United States and Ukraine is built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared values and is an important aspect of the United States' engagement with Europe and the wider world.
  • Question:
    What are the cons of hiring a software developer in Ukraine?
    While there are many benefits to hiring software developers in Ukraine, there are also some potential challenges and drawbacks to consider:
    1. Language barriers: While many Ukrainian software developers are proficient in English, language barriers can still pose challenges to effective communication, especially in complex technical discussions.
    2. Time zone differences: Ukraine is in a different time zone than the United States, making scheduling and coordination more difficult, especially for real-time communication. However, it can be handled with proper schedule planning.
    3. Cultural differences: Despite some cultural proximity between the United States and Ukraine, there can still be differences in communication styles, work ethics, and business practices that can impact the success of collaborations.
    4. Distance and lack of face-to-face interaction: Hiring remote software developers can make it harder to build personal relationships and foster effective collaboration, which can impact the overall success of projects.
    5. Difficulties in project management and quality control: When working with remote software developers, it can be harder to ensure that projects are managed effectively and that quality standards are met.
    These are some potential challenges associated with hiring software developers in Ukraine. However, many of these challenges can be overcome with careful planning, clear communication, and a commitment to building strong relationships and fostering effective collaboration. Get a quote from our sales team.
  • Question:
    What do you need to consider when building a development center in Ukraine?
    Building an offshore development center in Ukraine can be a highly effective way to access a large pool of highly skilled software developers and cost-effectively deliver high-quality software projects. However, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to ensure the success of your offshore development center in Ukraine:
    1. Legal and regulatory environment: It is important to understand the legal and regulatory requirements for setting up and operating a business in Ukraine, including obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and complying with local labor and tax laws.
    2. Talent pool: Ukraine has a large and highly skilled pool of software developers, but it is important to carefully evaluate the skills and experience of potential hires and ensure that you have access to the talent you need to meet your project requirements.
    3. Cultural differences: Cultural differences can impact the success of offshore development projects, so it is important to understand the cultural differences between your home country and Ukraine and take steps to effectively manage cultural differences and foster strong collaboration.
    4. Communication and collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration are key to the success of offshore development projects, so it is important to invest in the necessary tools and infrastructure to support real-time communication and collaboration and to establish clear and effective communication protocols.
    5. Infrastructure and support: It is important to ensure that you have access to the necessary infrastructure and support services to effectively manage your offshore development center, including secure and reliable communications and IT infrastructure, and access to local resources and support.
    We help to consider these and other key factors when building an offshore development center in Ukraine. Carefully evaluating these aspects and taking the necessary steps, will ensure your success. You can build a highly effective offshore development center that delivers high-quality software projects and provides significant benefits for your business.

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