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Engagement Process at ODC

At ODC, we've streamlined our engagement process to make it seamless, transparent, and client-centric. Here are the three easy steps to initiate and engage in a partnership with us:
Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment
The journey begins with a thorough initial consultation. Reach out to us, and our dedicated team will schedule a discussion to understand your business, project requirements, and objectives. This in-depth needs assessment allows us to tailor our services precisely to your unique needs. We delve into the specifics of your project, discuss timelines, and answer any questions you may have. This step sets the foundation for a successful collaboration.
Customized Proposal and Agreement
Following the consultation, we provide you with a comprehensive and transparent proposal. This proposal outlines the scope of work, project timelines, deliverables, and the estimated budget. We believe in clarity and open communication, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the engagement. Once you're satisfied with the proposal, we proceed to the agreement phase. Our team works closely with you to finalize the contract, ensuring that it aligns with your expectations and sets the framework for a successful partnership.
Kick-off and Continuous Collaboration
With the agreement in place, we kick off the project with a detailed onboarding process. This involves introducing you to your dedicated project manager and the development team. Regular communication channels are established, and collaboration tools are set up to ensure smooth interaction throughout the project lifecycle. Our iterative development approach keeps you involved at every stage, allowing for feedback and adjustments as needed. Continuous updates and transparent reporting keep you informed about the progress, ensuring that the final deliverables meet and exceed your expectations.

Common Cooperation Models

At ODC, we offer diverse cooperation models to cater to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring flexibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness throughout the development process.

Dedicated Team

In the Dedicated Team model, we provide you with a dedicated group of skilled professionals who work exclusively on your project. This model is ideal for long-term or complex projects where continuous collaboration and a deep understanding of your business are crucial. The advantages include:
dedicated development team
  • Full Control

    Direct oversight and control over the team, allowing you to manage resources and priorities.
  • Scalability

    Flexibility to scale the team up or down based on project requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Long-term Collaboration

    Fosters a long-term partnership, enabling the team to align closely with your business goals and objectives.
dedicated development team

Time and Material Contracts

The Time and Material model involves billing clients based on the actual hours worked and resources utilized during the project. This model is suitable for projects with evolving requirements or those in need of continuous adjustments. The advantages include:
time and material team
  • Flexibility

    Adaptability to changing project requirements, allowing for flexibility in development and design changes.
  • Cost Transparency

    Clients pay for the actual hours worked, providing a transparent view of resource utilization and costs.
  • Iterative Development

    Ideal for projects where an iterative approach is necessary, allowing for continuous improvements and refinements.
time and material team

Fixed-Price Projects

In the Fixed-Price model, we provide a comprehensive project plan with a set budget and timeline. This model is suitable for well-defined projects with clear requirements. The advantages include:
fixed price team
  • Budget Certainty

    Clear, predefined costs ensure budget control from the outset, making financial planning straightforward.
  • Timeline Commitment

    Set timelines for project completion, providing clarity on milestones and delivery dates.
  • Low Risk

    Minimizes financial risks as the agreed-upon price remains constant, even if the project encounters unforeseen challenges.
fixed price team

Comparison of cooperation models

Choosing the right cooperation model depends on your project's nature, scope, and desired level of control. Our experts work closely with you to determine the most fitting model that aligns with your specific needs and goals.
  • Dedicated Team vs. Fixed-Price

    • Dedicated Team: Offers flexibility for evolving projects with changing requirements.
    • Fixed-Price: Ideal for projects with well-defined scopes and minimal changes.
  • Dedicated Team vs. Time and Material

    • Dedicated Team: Long-term collaboration with a dedicated group of professionals.
    • Time and Material: Flexible billing based on actual hours worked and resources utilized.
  • Fixed-Price vs. Time and Material

    • Fixed-Price: Provides budget certainty and is suitable for projects with clear requirements.
    • Time and Material: Allows for flexibility in project evolution and changing requirements.
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