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Data engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology. High demand for Cloud Data Engineers and Big Data Engineers is determined by the move of enterprises from on-prem to the cloud and to building a scalable Data infrastructure. The high demand means it can be tough to find qualified data engineers, not to mention those who meet your unique requirements for skills and experience. It may leave you wondering, how to hire a data engineer.
At HMD LLC, we have helped fill data engineering, science, and analytics positions for data-driven companies in a variety of industries.
Data Engineers We Offer
We offer outsourced data engineers in our offshore development centres
Find temporary or full-time data analysts and BI experts experienced in making sense of data specific to your industry.
Source data engineers who are proficient in the latest cloud-based and on-prem tools and technologies.
Hire highly-qualified data scientists experienced in predictive modeling and analysis in your field of business.
DevOps can help ensure that data pipelines are developed and deployed in a way that meets the needs of the project.
You do need to spend months on hiring a professional Big Data Architect. HMD LLC remote team will design your software architecture.
Our ETL engineers will help to transform siloed data into digestible well-structured data clusters or warehouse.

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Data Engineering Process
We offer a wide range of data engineering services. Take a look at what we can offer to your company.
Data ingestion
We use Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub, or similar for data ingestion and initial processing.
For simpler workflows like batch processing, we use data pipelining tools such as Apache Airflow and different data source connectors or cloud platform tools such as AWS Glue, Lambda, and Data Pipeline.
Data storage

For data lakes and unstructured data, we use Object Storage solutions when possible and HDFS when required by downstream processing.

For relational data columnar data formats like ORC or parquet with a query engine like Presto or a managed solution like BigQuery work wonders, or PostgreSQL with columnar data storage.

Data processing

For orchestration Apache Airflow on-premise and AWS lambda with event triggers or GCP Dataflow are our tools of choice.

The processing itself is handled by various tools from Spark for big data to Tensorflow for deep neural networks.

We work mainly in the Python and Linux ecosystems and have extensive experience with relevant tools.

Data visualization

We use a variety of tools available for business intelligence (BI) and data visualization, and the specific tools that are needed will depend on the characteristics of the data being analyzed and the specific goals of the BI project.

Data visualization software we used to create graphical representations of data in order to better understand and communicate insights including Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI.

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