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Services Offered by Our Data Engineers at ODC

Comprehensive data engineering services to harness the power of big data to drive business innovation and efficiency.

Data Architecture Design and Implementation

Our expert data engineers craft robust data architectures that are scalable, efficient, and tailored to meet your specific business needs. From conceptualization to implementation, we ensure a solid foundation for your data ecosystem, enabling seamless data flow and storage.

Advanced Data Analytics and Insights Generation

Leveraging the latest in data analytics tools and methodologies, our team transforms your complex datasets into actionable insights. This service is pivotal in uncovering hidden opportunities, optimizing operations, and driving strategic decision-making.
big data

Custom Big Data Solution Development

We specialize in developing bespoke big data solutions that handle massive volumes of data with ease. Our solutions are designed to process, analyze, and manage big data, providing you with the tools to gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world.
etl process

Data Integration and ETL Processes

Our data engineers excel in integrating data from disparate sources and implementing efficient Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes. This ensures that your data is accurate, consistent, and ready for analysis, enhancing the overall quality of your data insights.

Cloud-Based Data Management Solutions

We provide comprehensive cloud-based data management solutions, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s data storage, processing, or analytics, our cloud solutions are secure and optimized for performance.
real time

Real-Time Data Processing and Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time data processing and analytics services. Our solutions enable you to analyze and respond to data as it arrives, providing instant insights and the ability to make timely, data-driven decisions.
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AI and Machine Learning Model Integration

Harness the power of AI and machine learning with our integration services. We develop and integrate sophisticated models that can predict trends, automate decision-making, and provide deeper insights into your data.

Comprehensive Data Security and Compliance Measures

Data security and compliance are paramount in our services. We implement comprehensive security measures to protect your data and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind about your data’s integrity and confidentiality.

Data Engineering Process

We offer a wide range of remote data engineering services. Take a look at what we can offer to your company.

Data ingestion

We use Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub, or similar for data ingestion and initial processing. For simpler workflows like batch processing, we use data pipelining tools such as Apache Airflow and different data source connectors or cloud platform tools such as AWS Glue, Lambda, and Data Pipeline.

Data storage

For data lakes and unstructured data, we use Object Storage solutions when possible and HDFS when required by downstream processing.
For relational data columnar data formats like ORC or parquet with a query engine like Presto or a managed solution like BigQuery work wonders, or PostgreSQL with columnar data storage.

Data processing

For orchestration Apache Airflow on-premise and AWS lambda with event triggers or GCP Dataflow are our tools of choice. The processing itself is handled by various tools from Spark for big data to Tensorflow for deep neural networks. We work mainly in the Python and Linux ecosystems and have extensive experience with relevant tools.

Data visualization

We use a variety of tools available for business intelligence (BI) and data visualization, and the specific tools that are needed will depend on the characteristics of the data being analyzed and the specific goals of the BI project. Data visualization software we used to create graphical representations of data in order to better understand and communicate insights including Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI.

Data Engineers We Offer

We offer remote data engineers in our offshore development centres

Data Analyst

Find temporary or full-time data analysts and BI experts experienced in making sense of data specific to your industry.

Data Engineer

Source data engineers who are proficient in the latest cloud-based and on-prem tools and technologies.

Data Scientist

Hire highly-qualified data scientists experienced in predictive modeling and analysis in your field of business.

MLops and DevOps

DevOps can help ensure that data pipelines are developed and deployed in a way that meets the needs of the project.

Solution Architect

You do need to spend months on hiring a professional Big Data Architect. HMD LLC remote team will design your software architecture.

ETL Engineer

Our ETL engineers will help to transform siloed data into digestible well-structured data clusters or warehouse.

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Data engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology. High demand for Cloud Data Engineers and Big Data Engineers is determined by the move of enterprises from on-prem to the cloud and to building a scalable Data infrastructure. The high demand means it can be tough to find qualified data engineers, not to mention those who meet your unique requirements for skills and experience. It may leave you wondering, how to hire a data engineer.
At ODC, we have helped fill data engineering, science, and analytics positions for data-driven companies in a variety of industries.

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Clients Testimonials
  • Ivana F.
    Founder of a Fintech Startup in Palo Alto, California
    ODC's offshore staff augmentation has been a game-changer for our Fintech startup. The global talent pool they provided allowed us to access top-tier professionals at a fraction of the cost. The seamless integration of the offshore team has significantly accelerated our development timelines, and the quality of work delivered has surpassed our expectations. ODC has become an indispensable partner in our journey.
  • Aaron S.
    Team Leader of a Web 3 Startup in New York
    Our experience with ODC in project-based staff augmentation for our Web 3 startup has been exceptional. We needed a remote specialized team of blockchain developers for a time-sensitive project, and ODC delivered precisely what we needed. The flexibility to scale the team based on project requirements ensured we had the right expertise at every stage. ODC's team seamlessly integrated with ours, bringing valuable insights and expertise that propelled our project to success.
  • Rahil M.
    CTO of a Remittance Company in Canada
    Working with ODC on skill-specific augmentation was a strategic decision for our remittance company. We required a team with deep banking expertise, and ODC curated a group of developers who not only met but exceeded our expectations. The dedication, industry knowledge, and commitment to quality exhibited by the augmented team were crucial in the successful implementation of our projects. ODC's skill-specific augmentation has become an integral part of our innovation strategy.

Why Choose ODC's Data Engineers?

  • Global Talent, Local Impact

    Hire offshore Data Engineers who bring a wealth of international experience and perspectives, enhancing your project's innovation and efficiency.
  • Hands-On Expertise in Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Our Data Engineers are not just academically qualified; they are seasoned in practical applications, having worked with a broad array of modern tools and technologies.
  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Whether you're looking for a single Data Engineer or a full team, our flexible engagement models cater to your specific needs. Hire Data experts on a retainer or project basis, adapting to your company's evolving demands.
  • Commitment to Excellence

    At ODC, quality is our priority. Our Data Engineers are not just technically proficient; they are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of their work.


Do you have any questions? Find answers below!

How Do We Hire Data Engineers?

For decades we have been delivering Big Data and Data Science projects to our customers. We have our own laboratory for newcomers and mature engineers. This allows us to attract and test the best talents. After years of staffing our own projects with highly-qualified data engineers, analysts, and scientists, we started to offer outstaffing services to our clients. Compared to general-purpose recruiters, we bring a hard-to-match level of industry experience to the screening and hiring process.

What Is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the process of designing, building, maintaining, and troubleshooting data systems. Our Data engineers work to ensure that your data is properly collected, stored, and structured in a way that allows it to be analyzed and used effectively. Data engineering is a critical function in organizations that rely on data to inform decision-making and strategy. Data engineers work closely with data scientists, business analysts, and other stakeholders to ensure that data systems are effective and meet the needs of the organization.

What Is A Data Engineer?

A data engineer is an IT worker whose primary job is to prepare data for analytical or operational use. These software engineers are responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different sources.

What Is The Difference Between A Data Engineer And A Data Scientist?

The main difference between these two data professionals is that data engineers build and maintain the systems and structures that store, extract, and organize data, while data scientists analyze that data to predict trends, glean business insights, and answer questions that are relevant to the organization.

Can I Hire A Data Engineering Team?

In each particular case, we advise our clients on a different type of engagement. At Offshore Development Centre, we assess your particular needs according to your requirements and deadlines. We provide you with a balanced dedicated team of Data engineers and developers enough to be on track with your milestones.

How Can I Hire Remote Data Engineers?

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly locate data engineers with hard-to-find skills. You will be reviewing thoroughly vetted data engineers. Our database of 40+ data engineers allows us to provide you with relevant candidates as fast as one week.

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