Social app UI design and Frontend development


The client was a small startup that wanted to create a social networking app for connecting with friends and family. They approached HMD LLC agency with a request to design and develop the project.


Working with the client to determine the app's overall look and feel as well as its main features and functionality was the first stage in the process. Wireframes and mockups were produced by the design team to represent the app's structure and navigation.
The design was then brought to life by the frontend development team utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, they connected the app with a number of third-party APIs and services, including messaging and social media login.


The team collaborated closely with the client throughout the development phase to get feedback and make changes as necessary. A lot of testing was also done to make sure the app was reliable and user-friendly.


After being finally released on Google Play and the App Store, the app has subsequently amassed a sizable and active user base. The client has been working with our company on app upgrades and additional features because they are so pleased with the final product.

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