Computer Vision Software Development

ML algorithms and AI technologies for recognizing and classifying objects, tracking motion, and extracting information from visual data.
Our Computer vision experts develop software that can be used in a wide range of applications, including robotics, self-driving cars, medical imaging, security surveillance, and more. Some common tasks performed by our computer vision software include object detection, recognition, segmentation, and tracking, as well as image and video processing.

Computer Vision Expertise

Our computer vision software development team creates effective, specialized solutions.
Object Detection, Tracking, Labeling
Object Detection, Tracking, Labeling
We pull insights from visual data for various needs: medical image processing, virtual try-ons, visual search, and many more.
Pose Estimation
Pose Estimation
Solutions to track and analyze human motion and activity, and provide feedback on user’s activities.
Recommendation Systems
Recommendation Systems
Recommender systems based on visual search for personalized offers, an increase of customer engagement and loyalty.
Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection
Automated visual inspection solutions to look for defects on the production line and cargo damage detection.
Data Capture and OCR
Data Capture and OCR
Data capture and extraction solutions developed for data extraction and document process automation.
Video Analysis for Automated Surveillance
Video Analysis for Automated Surveillance
Our data scientists develop video analytics solutions for violent behavior detection in real time.

Computer Vision Use Cases

Multi-Object Detection Models for Automatic Image Tagging
Convolutional neural networks are used to train algorithms to recognize persons and objects in pictures automatically and to teach robots what various objects look like.
For social networking platforms and e-commerce businesses, multi-object identification can be an enormous benefit. In the retail, logistics, and supply chain industries, it can be utilized to improve the consumer experience.
Extract Insights from Visual Data
With Image Segmentation Models we split an image into meaningful parts to make it easier for machines to understand, process, and analyze.
Image segmentation can be widely applied for object tracking, medical image processing, face recognition, and more.
Pose Estimation Model for better user experiences
Our team is ready to aid you with a pose estimation model that can be implemented into your app or any other 3rd party tool. It’s aimed to predict, identify, and track the presence and location of a person and their movement to help you provide better services.
This functionality will empower:
  • Crowd counting and tracking systems
  • AR experiences (ex. AI-powered coaches)
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Robotics
Automate document processing with OCR & Data Capturing
Businesses deal with big data on a daily basis, and the volume is growing exponentially. Services such as data capture, retrieval, and extraction have become integral parts of organizations’ workflows.
We deliver high-end computer vision solutions to find, capture, and extract data automatically from unstructured documents and cut down on manual operations.
Product Recommendations with Image Similarity Search
Image similarity search allows buyers to quickly find similar goods based on visual attributes such as color, shape, texture, or others across the web. This technology is becoming increasingly influential in the age of big data that companies exploit for growth.
We implement product-matching and recommendation tech models to tackle massive amounts of unstructured data more efficiently, increase ROI, prevent cost overruns, and add value to your work.
Create Unique Content with Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)
Animation, entertainment, and other visual content creation industries can benefit from GAN to generate creative interpretations of data. It can change sketches into realistic scenes, synthesize characters or scenes similar to the original ones, autocorrect artifacts in drawings, simulate and animate body physics, and generate 3D objects from pictures.
GAN is used to Enhance, Stylize, Transform, Generate, Visualize, and Edit images.

Computer Vision Software Development Services

We help our clients to develop their businesses rapidly and successfully
Data preparation and validation
We help you prepare the data or analyze the data provided. And if needed, clean, and relabel it.
Design and Optimization
According to the customer requirements, we can design and optimize the solution for specific platforms or devices.
Developing an App
We develop solid computer vision-powered applications catered to your business’ specifics and needs.
System Integration
We help integrate our solution into the client’s infrastructure and offer post-production support.

Benefits of custom-build computer vision software

Derive considerable benefits with minimal efforts
More straightforward and Faster Processes
More straightforward and Faster Processes
Automate a number of business processes and get your outcomes faster.
Reduce costs
Reduce costs
Decrease expenses and increase the profitability of your services and products.
Higher Accuracy
Higher Accuracy
Improve the accuracy of data-driven operations and reduce errors.
High-Quality Results
High-Quality Results
Optimize the operational process and improve the quality of customer service.

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