How to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers?

Main tips for hiring Ruby on Rails programmers
Hiring skilled Ruby on Rails developers is crucial for building high-performing web applications. However, the hiring process can be challenging if you don't know what to look for. This guide will walk you through effective strategies for hiring excellent Rails developers who fit your needs.

Define Your Needs

First, clearly define the role and required Rails skills. Outline must-have tech expertise like Ruby, Rails framework, PostgreSQL, front-end languages, testing frameworks, etc. Also consider soft skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving and ability to understand business goals. Defining specific requirements will help attract candidates with relevant abilities.

Know Where to Look

There are great Rails developers across various channels. GitHub and StackOverflow showcase capable engineers based on profile activity. Ruby and Rails conferences/meetups also connect you to seasoned talent. Dedicated Rails job boards like are a targeted resource. Referrals from other tech companies can uncover strong candidates too. Cast a wide net by exploring diverse sources.

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Screen Resumes Thoroughly

When screening Rails resumes, look for key indicators around experience. At least 2-3 years of professional Ruby and Rails development is ideal. Check for depth in areas like APIs, databases, testing, security principles, optimization techniques etc. Open source contributions also signal capable engineers. The top candidates will have rich, relevant ability in both Rails specifics and general software engineering.
Ruby on Rails Developers

Conduct a Coding Challenge

A small coding challenge can effectively filter Rails candidates. Give a time-boxed assignment involving a simple Rails application with clear goals. This tests their ability to deliver working code solving real problems. Review submissions for things like application structure, readable syntax, effective use of Rails conventions, solid database schema design etc. Quality submissions demonstrate strong Rails skills suitable for your needs.

In-depth Technical Interview

Short-listed developers should undergo an extensive technical interview. Grill them on nuanced aspects of Ruby and Rails to gauge their depth of knowledge. Explore their experience with related tools/technologies you use like front-end frameworks, APIs, caching strategies and cloud platforms. Look for superb programming fundamentals with OO design skills. The top talent will display excellent hard technical abilities here.
Ruby on Rails Developers

Evaluate Problem-Solving Skills

Hire developers with exceptional problem diagnosis and troubleshooting abilities. Pose hypothetical issues across architectural layers to assess how they identify issues and approach solutions. They should ask clarifying questions, emphasize root cause analysis, evaluate tradeoffs and think through effects of changes. The ideal candidates will demonstrate strategic critical thinking and solution planning.

Assess Communication Fit

Communication disconnects can severely impact development velocity. Assess soft skills by having conversations around business goals, technical challenges, product roadmaps etc. See if they can articulate complex concepts simply while also active listening to understand needs. The best candidates will showcase high emotional intelligence with collaborative attitudes - huge positives for integrating with your team.

Emphasize Cultural Fit

A cultural mismatch can be hugely disruptive despite technical proficiencies. Look for motivation, work ethic, integrity and ambition aligned with your values. Ensure they prioritize collaboration and transparency. Ask about their ideal work environment and make sure there is alignment. The top performers will thrive in cultures where they feel trusted, challenged and empowered.
Ruby on Rails Developers

Check References

References reveal many Candidate strengths and weaknesses not evident previously. Ask former managers about overall performance, communication skills, accountability and ability to improve codebases. Peers can highlight technical abilities and work attitudes. Quality references reaffirm positive perceptions of those likely to thrive in your organization.

Sell Your Opportunity

The best candidates likely have multiple options. Sell them on working for your company above the competition. Discuss interesting problems you solve and emphasize areas where they can grow through meaty projects. Outline perks around compensation, benefits, work arrangements, travel opportunities, conferences etc. Showcasing your employer brand gives you a recruiting edge when they have choices.

Trust Your Gut

The best candidates likely have multiple options. Sell them on working for your company above the competition. Discuss interesting problems you solve and emphasize areas where they can grow through meaty projects. Outline perks around compensation, benefits, work arrangements, travel opportunities, conferences etc. Showcasing your employer brand gives you a recruiting edge when they have choices.
Ruby on Rails Developers

Key Considerations

After gathering insights through a rigorous process, trust your intuitions during decision time. Consider all factors holistically - skills, intelligence, personality, motivations etc. There should be an excitement about integrating this candidate into your team. They likely make tradeoffs around some dimensions but amplify strengths in ways matching your needs. Go with someone who feels like a perfect match.

Hiring fantastic Rails developers follows a clear, strategic framework. Defining your needs, vetting thoroughly, selling your opportunity and trusting instincts leads to capturing top talent perfectly suited to excel on your projects. With an empowered Rails team integrated, you’re primed to build outstanding applications.


  • Question:
    What key skills should I look for in a Ruby on Rails developer?
    You should look for expertise in languages like Ruby and JavaScript as well as experience with the Rails framework. Solid grasp of databases, API design, security principles, testing frameworks, caching strategies, and cloud platforms is also essential.
  • Question:
    What are some good places to find experienced Rails developers?
    GitHub, StackOverflow, Rails Meetups, conferences, job boards like, and internal referrals are great places to find qualified developers. Screen for relevant ability by looking at their open source contributions and platform profiles.
  • Question:
    What’s the best way to test a Rails developer's skills?
    Conduct a small coding challenge related to building a simple Rails app. Assess their submission for application structure, effective use of Rails conventions, database schema design, and other core abilities required for your needs.
  • Question:
    What soft skills should I look for in developers?
    Exceptional communication skills, creative problem-solving ability, emotional intelligence, ambition, strong work ethic, and an alignment with your company culture are key soft skills to seek out. Cultural fit is crucial for integrating Rails developers into your team.
  • Question:
    Why check references during the hiring process?
    Speaking to former managers and peers gives key insights into a developer’s strengths and weaknesses that are not evident from just the interview process. You can better understand overall performance, communication ability, accountability and their potential to improve code.
  • Question:
    How can I convince great Rails developers to join my company?
    Sell them on interesting challenges they can tackle, opportunities to grow through meaty projects, your great company culture, attractive compensation and benefits packages. Highlighting your strengths as an employer gives you a recruiting edge.

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