Electronic wallet (e-wallet) development for a FinTech startup

Manei Inc. is a financial technology company that decided to develop an e-wallet to offer its customers a convenient and secure way to store, manage, and use their money. The client hired the HMD LLC development team to implement the project. We provided the client with a well-balanced and professional dedicated team for the project term.
The development process for the e-wallet began with a detailed analysis of the market and the competition, as well as customer feedback and requirements. Based on this analysis, the development team created a detailed specification for the e-wallet, outlining its features and functionalities.

The e-wallet functionality included

  • 1
    Easy onboarding
    Authentication, New user registration, Access recovery, Administration of roles, Reports
  • 2
    Move top-up
    Top-up, Withdrawal, Funds transfer, Currency exchange
  • 3
    Fast way to pay
    Payments with QR-code, BNPL, SWIFT/ABAN
  • 4
    Security by default
    AML, KYC, Integration with 3d party providers
  • 5
    Cards issue
    Card issue, Virtual cards
The team began the design and development process, using agile methodologies to ensure that the e-wallet was developed in an iterative and incremental manner. The team used a variety of tools and technologies, such as mobile app development frameworks and cloud-based infrastructure.
Throughout the development process, the team paid close attention to security and compliance, as the e-wallet would be handling sensitive financial information. To ensure the security and integrity of the e-wallet, the team implemented a variety of security measures, such as encryption, secure authentication, and regular security testing.
After several months of development, the platform was ready for testing and deployment. The team conducted thorough testing to ensure that the platform was reliable, user-friendly, and secure. Once the testing was complete, the platform was released to the public and quickly gained a large and loyal customer base.
Overall, the development of the commodity trading platform was a complex and challenging process, but the end result was a highly successful and innovative product that provided significant value to its users.

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