Commodity and waste trading platform development

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Our client is a UK based company with over 15 years experience in commodity trading. The board decided to expand the company's digital presence by developing an online digital platform. The upgraded trading platform would enable its buyers to participate in tender auctions for raw materials and waste. The platform would offer a range of features, including real-time bidding, freight calculation, a marketplace for ancillary services and secure online payment.

Our approach to the development process

The development process began with a thorough requirements and market analysis. Our technical team (a project manager, a business analyst and a solution architect) held several Q&A sessions with the customer's stakeholders. Based on the analysis, the architect created a solution architecture diagram with platform specifications outlining the features and functionalities. Our UI designer created a unique and user-friendly customer interface for sellers and buyers.

At each stage of the analysis, ODC (a brand of HMD LLC) provides our clients with detailed work breakdowns, cost estimates, project plans, user interface mockups and solution architecture diagrams.

Product development

After the analysis phase, we set up a project team. Usually the team consists of a team leader, a backend developer and a frontend developer. There's also an analyst and a project manager to ensure a smooth development process and to answer the developer's questions. Some other team members are involved as needed, such as DevOps, UI/UX designer and data engineer.

The team started the design and development process as soon as the scope was entered in Jira and all tasks were assigned. We have daily status meetings and bi-weekly sprint planning and grooming meetings.

Trading platform features

  • Auction management

    The platform should provide tools and resources for managing tender auctions, including the ability to create and publish tenders, receive and review bids, and award contracts.
  • User profiles

    The platform should enable users to build professional networks and collaborate on trading opportunities by allowing them to create profiles and connect with other traders.
  • Messaging and communication

    To enable users to communicate with each other and exchange information about trading opportunities, the platform should provide messaging and communication tools such as chat or email.
  • Marketplace

    Offering third-party services like certifying, shipping, licensing, brokering and others.

Delivery of a trading application

The platform was ready for testing and deployment after several months of development. To ensure the platform was reliable, user friendly and secure, the team conducted extensive testing. Once testing was complete, the platform was released to the public. It quickly gained a large and loyal customer base.

Overall, the development of the commodity trading platform was a complex and challenging process. However, the end result was a highly successful and innovative product that provided significant value to its users.

Project success - Delivery of a trading application

Throughout the development process, the team paid close attention to security and compliance, as the platform would handle sensitive financial information. To ensure the security and integrity of the platform, the team implemented a number of security measures, including encryption, strong authentication and regular security testing.

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