Empowering Parents with Screen Time Management: Parental Control App

Discover how ODC helped parents to regain control over their child's device use by introducing effective screen time management app
Sarah is a busy working mother of two children, aged 10 and 14. With her demanding job and the kids' growing interest in mobile devices, she started noticing that they were spending excessive time on their phones and iPads. This was affecting their academic performance and family time. So Sarah decided to create her own Parental screen time management app that later grew into a startup.
"I can't thank Offshore Development Center (ODC) enough for their exceptional work. As a busy working mother, I was struggling to find a balance between my job and managing my children's screen time. ODC came to my rescue with their top-notch parental control app that transformed our family life."
Sarah Johanson
Sarah Johanson
About the Client
Sarah, a dedicated working mother, faced the common challenge of managing her two children's screen time as they grew increasingly engrossed in mobile devices. Her kids, aged 10 and 14, were spending excessive hours on phones and iPads, impacting their school performance and family bonding.
The Challenge
Sarah's predicament revolved around three key challenges:
  1. Screen Time Management: Finding a way to set reasonable screen time limits that fostered a balanced lifestyle for her children.
  2. App and Content Filtering: Ensuring her kids were protected from accessing inappropriate online content and staying safe while exploring the digital world.
  3. Homework and Study Time: Creating an environment conducive to focused learning by eliminating distractions from mobile devices.
The Solution
After extensive research and recommendations from friends, Sarah discovered an innovative parental control app that promised to address her concerns comprehensively. The solution offered:
  1. Screen Time Management: The app allowed Sarah to set daily screen time limits tailored to each child's age and needs. Customizable schedules ensured that screen time aligned with the family's daily routine.
  2. App and Content Filtering: Sarah was impressed with the app's ability to block access to specific websites and applications. She could rest easy, knowing her kids were protected from inappropriate content and online dangers.
  3. Homework and Study Time: The app's scheduling feature was a game-changer for Sarah. It enabled her to allocate dedicated time for homework and study, during which mobile device distractions were automatically minimized.

The Result

Sarah's decision to implement the parental control app yielded remarkable results:
  • Her children's academic performance improved significantly as they were now more focused during study time.
  • Family bonding strengthened, with more quality time spent together, free from the distractions of screens.
  • Sarah found peace of mind, knowing her kids were safe online and that their screen time was balanced and healthy.


Sarah's screen time struggle transformed into a success story through the implementation of the parental control app. It empowered her to manage her children's digital habits effectively, fostering a balanced lifestyle that prioritized education and family time. This case exemplifies how technology, when used thoughtfully, can enhance family life in today's digital age.

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